The company Hohnen & Co. KG has been established in 1919 as a wholesale for general technical equipment. Due to the important engine building industry with a lot of foundries in Bielefeld’s region we early got specialized in the delivery of foundry and also pattern making supplies.

The very wide range of products encloses tools for melting and pouring, chills and chaplets, accessories for moulders and core-makers, fettling tools and laboratory accessories as well as protection clothing. We also supply all kind of tools for the production of patterns, core-boxes and chill-moulds incl. the necessary basic materials.

Since 2007 we're also agents (in Germany) for
SIKA-tooling-products and Zimmermann-conventional model making machines.

"Selection - Quality - Service" is our maxim and so we want to ensure capacity and process stability for our customers. By means of the Internet we can ensure being always up-to-date with our extensive catalogues and with the latest information about our products.

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